Giving Villa Morjim an Amazing Makeover

Giving Villa Morjim an Amazing Makeover

Villa Morjim, one of our Countrywide Luxury properties, based in Goa recently underwent a major facelift.  The idea for the renovation project was to bring in a fresh contemporary vibe to the property while respecting its Portugese heritage and architectural style. We also wanted to bring in more natural elements and create a minimalistic and non-intrusive environment inside that would keep us from any distractions in enjoying the magnificent water views which this unique property has. 

We set out with an amazing team of well known Goa based artists and designers to work on this project. Together with their collective insights and expertise, the Villa looks absolutely stunning!

What follows are some pictures after the completion:

Exterior walls painted in a subtle and soft shade of yellow, typical of some villas in Portugal. (Previously the yellow colour was deeper more like Ochre)


Exteriors of Villa Morjim at Night


SotoDecor, run by award-winning designers Sonja Weder and Thomas Schnider, provided some truly inspiring lighting fixtures from their very creative collections. A custom made ceiling light for the entry foyer, bangle lights dangling over the seating area of the living room, and 3 butterfly lamps in pastel colors over the dining table added the perfect touch of understated sophistication. Sonja has developed her own lacquer technique in order to preserve real plants, leaves, petals, and blossoms on table tops, which we have incorporated into our aesthetic at Villa Morjim. A few pieces from SotoDecor were specifically made for Villa Morjim using these natural elements and transforming them into furniture and art pieces.

Sonja Weder’s laquer technique on our dining table and the Butterfly Lamps

Décor pieces in the form of beautiful pottery, lamps, and ceramics are placed all over. A special mention must be made for the amazing fish and lotus inspired ceramic lights hand-crafted by Sylvia Kerkar who runs a highly regarded pottery studio and brings out her natural surroundings into her work. She makes her own clay using materials found locally and glazes them using ashes from the kiln and crushed stones. We are simply amazed by her beautiful work!

Suite Panoramica

A very special thanks to Chris Bee Agha who conceived the aesthetics for the project and brought together a wonderful group of creative artists and contractors to finish this project. An old-time resident of Goa, Chris is an eclectic chef and an art aficionado (evident in his creative plating techniques), who is known for his keen aesthetic sense and passion for design. Sublime and Elevar are two of his restaurants that continue to dominate the culinary scene in Goa.

The Villa now is ready to welcome its guests with all new paint, furniture, upgraded bathrooms, new curtains, lighting, and a host of other aesthetic upgrades!

All photographs have been taken by Hans Dhariwal.

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