The Stars of The Orchard – What stands out for our guests!

The Stars of The Orchard – What stands out for our guests!

At The Orchard, we believe in pampering our guests through all their senses with high end boutique services and amenities. Every experience has been handcrafted to please even the most discerning travelers. We have created this exclusive property to provide our guests with unparalleled comfort and luxury in a unique natural setting, with highly personalized and quality service. This is why it gives us great joy to read the kind words and feedback That our guests have to offer on TripAdvisor.

We came across a few special things that really stood out for our guests, so we thought we’d share these on our blog! (We love that while being served with luxury, our guests love the simple joys of life!)


1. Personalized Attention:

Swapnil G: “The kind of personalized attention that one gets from the staff is simply unmatched. They are very polite, prudent and ready for your help even before you ask for!”

Gunjan: “The most differentiating part of the experience was the personalized attention to everything! From cinnamon clove water when we returned from a walk to little momentos of spiritual colour significance, taking care of alternate train reservations, all the amazing food including hand made pasta and the list can go on! You have to experience it to truly feel how amazing this place & the people who run it are. Feel truly blessed and privileged for this experience!”


2. The Himalayas:

Rahul Sekhri: “There is nothing better to go outside and take a deep breath of the fresh air and gaze into the starry sky at night or see the pink sunset on the Himalayas and follow up with a lovely dinner and a good nights sleep.”

Teyjas: “I got to have a hot water shower while watching the sunrise over the snow-capped mountains from my room….”


3. Four Poster Bed

Meenakshi & Vineet Kumar: “The rooms and bathrooms are huge & like a viewing gallery themselves. Attention to small details like firm high end fourposter beds /mattresses, pillows , soaked almonds by bedside & hot water bottle in the bed at night – were highly appreciated……. Will definitely visit again soon, despite the long journey from Mumbai – Delhi.”

Aban S: “Every room is different adhering to different tastes- each with elegant four poster beds, fire places and luxurious customised mattresses and pillows.”


4. Almonds

SureshEvery gesture, from leaving soaked almonds by the bedside each night, to laying shawls out when it was cold, was thoughtful and made us feel at home. A chance to interact with the members of the owner family, with their genuine hospitality and keen eye for detail, was an icing on the cake.”

Aastha: “My husband and I frequently travel for leisure. In our experience this place hosted the most generous reception by far…the team has carefully crafted such a welcoming routine for the guests; it’s commendable! It begins with soaked almonds by your bedside… just like home!”




5. Board Games:

Tanaya R: “Thoroughly enjoyed the picnic lunch and loved the quiet evenings spent playing board games with my better half (something never had done before).
This place has left such everlasting positive impression and such beautiful memories that I think I will always look for ways to come here on revisits!”

Rakshay Dhariwal: “I was most impressed when we came down for dinner, our room was redone, bed made and they had moved the board game we were playing over to the side table, every piece in tact. A very pleasant surprise when we were able to resume our game post dinner.”

What we have to say: We are always excited to see guests notice and appreciate the little details. It is our focus to provide our guests with unparalleled food, service and hospitality in the region and it is heart warming to hear such positive comments.

We do make it a point to share your compliments, feedback and messages with each and every person involved with making your stay at The Orchard a memorable one. The reason for this is to encourage our team, while aiming to constantly evolve based on feedback received.

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