Escaping the Pollution in Delhi – Why this is Essential!

Escaping the Pollution in Delhi – Why this is Essential!

Recently the city of Delhi played host to a concert by Bryan Adams, who in the past churned out several hit songs such as Summer Of 69 and Open Road. Though his gig was newsworthy, it were his comments that made the headlines of every single media outlet both national and international. He shared a picture on his social media account of the concert venue in Delhi, in which it is clear that a shroud of dust and smoke (pollution) has blanketed his shadow. The levels of pollution are so alarmingly high, that even the World Health Organization has recognized Delhi for being one of the worst places in the world in terms of air pollution.

Peora, Uttarakhand, Pollution free
Clear skies | Clean Air | Orchard, Peora

Currently, the quality of air has been graded as “very poor” propelling the government to roll out an emergency plan to tackle this problem. City dwellers are forced to look for respite in places where population is scarce, traffic minimal and altitude much higher than sea level – namely your hill stations.

Hotel The Orchard
Surreal Views | Orchard, Peora

Taking a break and getting out for the weekend or even for a whole week is recommended because there are several drawbacks to being exposed to pollution on a daily basis. In Delhi, asthma is a common occurrence along with splitting headaches, eye and skin irritations. Studies have been carried out on the intensifying consequence of weather conditions on air pollution. It had been proven that with the onset of winter, the quality of air deteriorates drastically. A link has been made between cold weather and a surge in patients being admitted into hospital for various kinds of chronic respiratory diseases.

Aside from being conscious citizens and being proactive in reducing our personal consumption of products that increase pollution, we highly recommend getting out of cities for a short get away to give our lungs a much needed break. Replenishing our lungs by inhaling cold, fresh air that is not laced with pollutants is a welcome change for our body.

Breathing in fresh air has ample benefits for your brain and body. More oxygen results in higher energy levels for your body. More oxygen also helps improve the way your brain works. You will find an ability to concentrate better, thus allowing you to have clarity of thought. With regards to problems like high blood pressure, it goes without saying that people suffering from this issue should avoid high pollution as it causes our body to work harder to get sufficient oxygen required for proper functioning.

Taking deep breaths of fresh air enables our body to produce more serotonin. Serotonin is what keeps you happy and calm. So it is not surprising that the people living in the mountains are happier than the average person living in a big city. A few other benefits include –
  • Breathing fresh air can help keep your lungs clean.
  • Fresh air and exposure to pure oxygen help boost the functioning of the immune system. White blood cells feed off oxygen when trying to kill various bacteria, antibodies and germs.
  • Exposure to fresh air can also help the body process food better, in term aiding the the digestive system.

Other benefits of leaving the city behind include getting really good undisturbed sleep, enjoying the opportunity to be truly disconnected from your mobile devices, waking up early to do yoga, going for hikes and connecting with your spiritual side.

open roads orchard
Open Roads | Orchard, Peora

These benefits are what you can be sure to enjoy when you book a weekend or week getaway at The Orchard, a luxury boutique hotel in Peora. Situated in the heart of Uttarakhand, Peora is a quaint village at an elevation of 5,500 feet, located 57 km. from Nainital (one of the most popular hill stations in India). It is also not too far from Almora and Mukteshwar. At The Orchard, we strive to make a guest’s health and wellness a top priority from the minute they check in to the time that they leave and judging by the positive reviews we receive, we seem to be doing a good job of it! There are plenty of things to do at The Orchard as you can gauge from the benefits, and things to enjoy around the hotel property too. In any case, an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life will be sure to put a spring in your step.


Read what some of our customers have to say on TripAdvisor:

“….Truly phenomenal experience…. The quiet surroundings of the small village, clean fresh air and gourmet meals can’t ask for much more. The drive is long from Delhi but really worth the effort”
Amitava M

” Clear, clean roads, with barely any potholes or traffic; lush, green and beautiful landscapes, and fresh air are your companions after you hit the Corbett belt (~4 hours from Delhi). Thereafter the hills begin, and the roads continue to be great and the hillscapes beautiful”

Diksha Kaur 

“…There is nothing better to go outside and take a deep breath of the fresh air and gaze into the starry sky at night or see the pink sunset on the Himalayas and follow up with a lovely dinner and a good nights sleep…”

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