Celebrate Diwali at The Orchard

Celebrate Diwali at The Orchard

It’s that happy time of the year again. The festive season is here and the excitement builds with Dussehra and Diwali soon approaching. While the first half of the year usually goes by quite leisurely, that is not the case during this season. Social invites to festive parties and get-togethers, large family reunions and a plethora of other social obligations take a front seat. Despite the increase in public holidays at this time of the year, the opportunity to actually unwind and take it easy is, more often than not, just an illusion.

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Owing to the constant social expectations, we often lose out on spending quality time with our closest loved ones – something that these festivals are truly meant for. You will often find that plans and calendars of family members do not match with those of others. When parents, kids and grandparents all have their own circle of friends, the invitations differ drastically, so getting the full family to enjoy the festivities together in one place can be quite a challenge. This is why we suggest that this Diwali, why not consider switching it up a little? Bring your family for a staycation to The Orchard, our luxury boutique hotel in Peora, Uttarakhand.

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Instead of the usual run-around, picture yourself enjoying the festival of lights with your closest and dearest family members and friends, while overlooking the Himalayas and breathing fresh, clean air. Evenings spent around a cozy bonfire, playing teen-patti and enjoying conversations about anything and everything possible – truly getting to know about the lives of the people who you love. With stunning views of the Himalayas, and much needed respite from the noise in the city, everyone in the family can look forward to a good night’s rest, peace and quiet, and a healthy opportunity to disconnect from their mobile phones in order to enjoy the company of one another.

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Most of all, be assured that you are well away from the heavy duty pollution caused by all the firecrackers being burst during the celebrations. Delhi and the NCR area in general are known to have high pollution levels, regardless of the fireworks, so one can only imagine how much the air quality level is impacted during this time. An escape from this can only do wonders to you and your family.

However, if the fear of missing out the run of the mill Diwali parties is a concern, know that there is always next year. Good meals, incredible sleep in a stunning hotel with a backdrop of the snow capped Himalayas, surrounded with your blood relations makes for a heartwarming celebration. Besides, it’s experiences like these that give you plenty to talk about when you return from your Diwali vacation.

Here’s what some of our guests who have celebrated Diwali with us have to say –

“A group of friends and I were looking to escape the pollution that plagued Delhi post-Diwali and were told that The Orchard at Peora Estates is a great place to go with breathtaking views, finely crafted food, and homely hospitality. If anyone is looking to get a breath of fresh air coupled with magnificent food and soul searching I would highly recommend The Orchard at Peora Estates. A must go for anyone who is seeking a getaway to the mountains!”

Abdullah H

 “I visited the Orchard at Peora Estates with my husband and close friends to celebrate their common birthday.We couldn’t have picked a better place to rejuvenate, bond and get our selves pampered. Would highly recommend the place to anybody who wants to get away from the urban rat race and let nature remind you about the better things in life.”

Neeti C

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