Keeping the romance alive with the perfect getaway to The Orchard

Keeping the romance alive with the perfect getaway to The Orchard

A visit to The Orchard can really spark flames of romance for you…

Life has a way of passing by. Somewhere between sitting in traffic during rush hour and staying back in the office to finish assignments that are long over due, we end up pushing off being with the people we love because we are “busy” – all of that adds up and while we are so busy adding more excuses to our list, whether we like it or not, life is passing by. Time is precious yet we deceive ourselves into thinking we have lots of it. We don’t.

So what happens when you’re a person with so much to do and so little time? You start to overlook the things that matter in pursuit of unattainable goals that in the long run don’t do justice to you, your happiness or your loved ones. So shake your routine up a little bit, and give your loved one a memorable weekend or week long getaway at our beautiful luxury boutique hotel – The Orchard in Peora.

You haven’t had a full night’s sleep in a while and work is getting to you, so on the days that you are home early you just want to sleep. You don’t do justice to your significant other because instead of spending quality time together – you are either sleeping, being cranky or squeezing in some more work. This is a perfect recipe for disaster, and all because you are not prioritising the very things that make you happy. So in order to prevent a regrettable outcome, you do something smart. The smartest thing you have done in a very long time. You book a trip to a beautiful hotel that is far removed from the city and surrounded by surreal views of the Himalayan ranges.

The very act of booking a getaway changes your mood instantly. Suddenly the excitement is palpable and your lover is overjoyed because in one stroke you are pampering them with the best of luxury and you are giving them the biggest luxury one can ask for  – your time. Days spent in nature, high-quality sleep,  phenomenal food, peace, quiet, and a stronger sense of connection with your significant other are just some of the benefits one can avail of throughout the year at The Orchard.

The Orchard can organise treks and gourmet picnics for couples looking for an afternoon of romance, and for the more adventurous – an open jeep for safaris and nature drives! We can raise the bar higher, by creating a unique place for a lunch date by the waterfalls or in the middle of the forest. One thing for sure, you and your significant other are in for a real treat.

If your partner has a discerning eye for historical sites and religious temples or shrines – some of the places you both can visit around The Orchard include Jageshwar, Kakarighat, Kasar Devi & Crank’s Ridge and Kainchi. This is as far removed from bumper to bumper traffic and tall buildings as you can be.

For a boutique hotel in the middle of nowhere – there are plenty of options. Or you can make The Orchard a literal staycation for both of you. Waking up late, having your breakfast at leisure, doing a bit of yoga on the balcony or if either of you don’t feel like peopling – then having an intimate meal there too. We are positive that you will feel the much needed rejuvenation with the slow pace of life.

Here’s what some of our other guests, who have enjoyed romantic evenings at The Orchard have to say –

“Perfect romantic getaway as well as a great place to go with a group of friends.”

– Kula Naidu

“We have relished all the romantic dinner setups provided by the staff. Food is amazing, so are the views from the room”

– Shiney Mittal

“I would definitely recommend The Orchard for a romantic getaway, or even a solo trip, if that side. I look forward to another visit there. It’s such a delight for the senses.”

– Aban S

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