The Environmentally Sustainable Efforts Taken by The Orchard

The Environmentally Sustainable Efforts Taken by The Orchard

As a luxury boutique hotel, we take immense pride in making environmentally sustainable efforts a key part of our business ethos. Being surrounded by the beauty of nature, it is only fair that we build our hotel keeping the community, environment, and nature in mind. Our belief is that sustainability and luxury are not mutually exclusive to each other, but in fact, can (and must) go hand in hand!

The Orchard is situated near the Himalayas and is a perfect place to visit when one is looking for an oasis of peace and serenity. Our aim is to provide our guests with unparalleled comfort and luxury in a beautiful place. Below, are a few steps we have taken to ensure that we do our best to conserve and protect the environment without hindering your comforts.

Efforts taken by us to make our hotel sustainable:

  • Solar Power for water heating
  • High degree of insulation to conserve energy
  • Limitation of plastic usage
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Extensive use of recycled wood
  • Pesticide-free farming and manure
  • Alpine grade water from natural springs in bathrooms and as drinking water, on request.
  • Strictly against use of plastic straws
  • All paint used is lead-free
  • Compost pit for kitchen waste
  • Extensive use of LED lighting
  • 100% natural & organic handmade soaps
  • Luxury Ayurvedic natural soaps, bath products, and creams
  • Gravity based water and irrigation system

You can expect excellent food during your stay at The Orchard. Our Head Chef brings the farm-to-table concept to our cuisine with a selection of non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and vegan food. Our fruits and vegetables are grown chemical free, meats are bought from local organic vendors and our fish is sourced from the fresh waters of the Kumaon Valley.

The thought process in respect to making the The Orchard an eco friendly space is so extensive that even our furniture has been curated by a luxury and boutique brand called Warisan. They have used the highest quality of recycled Teak and Mahogany wood, which has been sourced from renewable sources. This environmentally sustainable approach taken by the brand is what made Warisan a perfect fit for the The Orchard.

While these are a few efforts we have undertaken, it is definitely a start and hopefully paves the way for more hotels and businesses to consider giving back to nature when we gain so much from it. It would be hypocritical to take advantage of the wonders of nature when it is the awe-inspiring views and breathtaking topography coupled with really good weather that appeals to our guests and makes them want to visit us in the first place.


Here’s what some of our other guests, who appreciate our environmentally conscious efforts at The Orchard have to say –

“I love that the place is eco friendly and they have solar heaters, water harvesting and minimalist yet strong quality approach in every thing they do..”

– Mansi B

“The service is par excellent and five stars for that. The food is all organic and freshly sourced from the best. It uses solar energy and is conscious of waste disposal etc. so hardly any use of plastic can be noticed on the estate.”

– Pulomaja Misra

“You never need to worry about turning on the geyser here as The Orchard has solar heating. Very impressive and it builds into their ethos here.”

Rakshay D

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