Goa is always a good idea – An introduction to Villa Morjim

Goa is always a good idea – An introduction to Villa Morjim

For those of you who have visited or wanted to visit us at The Orchard at Peora Estates – do you also know about Villa Morjim, an equally stunning property situated on the banks of the Chapora river in Goa?

Our first project at Countrywide Luxury, the success of Villa Morjim is in fact, what gave us the confidence and inspiration to create The Orchard.

Being in Goa is a completely different experience. Guests who have stayed at The Orchard appreciate the tranquility of our luxury boutique hotel in the tiny hamlet of Peora and this is exactly the vibe and feeling we offer our guests at Villa Morjim too, with the luxury of feeling very much at home.

Villa Morjim is a heritage Portuguese Villa situated in the fishing village of Morjim. It was constructed using laterite masonry, decorative columns, wooden rafters, and Mangalorian roof tiles giving it a feel of timeless elegance. The view from the verandahs and the rooms is pretty sweet too – coconut trees dancing in the wind and the gently bubbling river going its course.

This heritage villa is truly one of a kind; boasting of a space of over 7000 sq. ft. consisting of five bedrooms with attached bathrooms. Amenities include a library room, a drawing room, dining room and a large country-style kitchen with island cooking. The villa faces east, so you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the river.

The gardens on the property are well manicured and make for a nice place to relax and watch the local fishermen bring in their fresh catch of the day. Bird-lovers will appreciate the abundance of sightings of the Brahmanic Eagles building their nests and fishing, Kingfishers lying in wait to catch their prey, and the migratory birds pausing for a minute near the riverbank. Guests will be delighted to know that a mere 350 metres from the Villa we have Morjim beach which is an ecologically sensitive zone due to its Ridley Turtle habitat. This beach is blessed with pristine natural beauty and the area is recognized as a bird watcher’s paradise. In general, the beaches of North Goa (where we are located) have a unique appeal to most international tourists as they are generally quiet, scenic, and less commercialised. The waters here are calmer and therefore these are good swimming beaches.

All in all, the villa is made to experience the quintessential magic of Goa and susegad – the relaxed and laid-back way of life. Full Villa Rental is available throughout the year and is a great option for families or a groups of friends who want to experience luxury with full privacy and services of a resort. When you stay here, we provide the villa fully equipped and staffed with a chef, staff for housekeeping and cleaning, and trusted security.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Villa Morjim, do visit our website – www.villamorjim.com or read below to see what some of our guests there have had to say –

“The villa is truly a work of art, the Portuguese architecture is a thing to rave about. Along with the beach other amenities are very closely located. My experience was just amazing or I’d say a perfect combination of good food , friends and a phenomenal host. I would highly recommend this place. Its a perfect place for quality vacation with friends family and any other occasion one deems fit.”


Stayed at the villa with 5 of my mates, never seen a more beautifully picturesque place to stay in Goa. It’s located on a serene river touching the villa backyard and it’s just 2 mins to the turtle beach. The hospitality of the staff is beyond words can describe, whatever we asked for was delivered instantaneously….. The view of the river and the hills and the serene atmosphere make this the most ideal place to stay in Goa. Would want to live there forever!!”

Pratyaksh Dhingra


“Spacious, grand, and best of all, the garden opens out onto the wide river.. where one can see a variety of migratory birds. Quite a sight first thing in the morning! The rooms are large and luxurious, and still homely.”

Eshaan T

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